About me

Education and Certification:

  • Proficiency Translators State Examination, C2, ŠJŠ, Bratislava - 2019
  • Advanced State Examination in English Language, C1, ŠJŠ, Bratislava - 2018
  • Master’s degree, Biotechnics of Park and Land Design, FZKI - 2016  
  • Bachelor’s  degree, Landscape Architecture, FZKI - 2014
  • IELTS Academic English Course, The University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK – 2013

Fields of expertise

Legal translation services - Translation of contracts, general terms and conditions, Occupational safety and health (OSH) and other legal documentation. Repeated words are translated at no extra cost.

Environmentalism - Translations of analytical and synthetic parts of project documentation in the field of natural conservation, landscape ecology, biotechnology, agriculture and sustainable development.

IT and technical translations - technical content for IT and electronics. Software and hardware manuals, technical specifications, contracts, reports and internal documentation.

Marketing Content Translation - A creative translation of your advertising campaign, article, catalogue and PR collateral.


I use state of the art CAT toolsTrados, MemoQ a Linguatec, which enables me to translate any source file format including scanned documents. 

Translation Pricing

€20 per standard pageIt is company policy to invoice only in Euros.


Courses available

Courses are aimed at providing specialist language skills in various fields.

  • Individual approach.
  • Courses available to start at any time of the year.
  • All language levels A1 to C1 offered, including Business English.
  • Courses are tailored to the individual needs of the client.
  • Regular testing and monitoring of employees and their progress
  • Attendance sheets provided.

Tuition includes:

The introduction and familiarisation of new vocabulary
Listening exercises in authentic British English 
Reading comprehension and translation from/to English 

Preparatory courses for IELTS

The aim of the course is to gain the required band in the IELTS exam. Tuition to include all four parts of the exam - listening, reading, writing a speaking. Progressive testing of students using authentic IELTS materials and recordings.


Individuals €17 per 60 minutes 

Groups  €22 per 60 minutes

Word for word conversion of audio or video content into text in either English or Slovak. 
Frequently required for business meetings, university lectures, interviews. The content of which can be self-edited.

Advantages of Transcription

  • Clarity of understanding
  • Simple creation of related content
  • Transcription is one of the effective ways to draw attention to your website, as it contains a lot of key words not normally searchable. 


Price is charged per minute of audio containing speech spoken at normal speed (100 to 120 words per minute)  

Audio or Video Transcription in English: €2.00/min

Audio or Video Transcription in Slovak: €2.00/min

Parts of the audio or video that contain no speech will not be charged for. Completed transcriptions will be submitted to the client subject to agreement.  It is company policy to invoice only in Euros.

For more information or in case of any enquires please feel free to contact me via provided contact form below.


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